LA County Awards Angeles Emeralds and other Cannabis Advisory Workgroup Members for Recommendations Report

On June 19th, the LA County Board of Supervisors were officially presented the Cannabis Advisory Workgroup's Recommendations Report, and presented Angeles Emeralds co-founder Jonatan Cvetko, and other workgroup members an award for their efforts.


The report consists of 64 recommendations that are to serve as a framework for the Supervisors forthcoming cannabis regulations.  Published on October 24th, 2017, nearly a year from when Angeles Emeralds first submitted the motion recommending an advisory group be established.  

LA County was first expected to have this report submitted on Dec. 19th, 2017, but due to concerns from the Federal Administration and comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the time, it was thought prudent to pause as we studied the potential impacts.  

While the presentation of the report is 6months delayed, we are very happy to be taking this next step with the Board and look forward to continuing the effort in upholding the spirit of Prop64 and providing a pathway to existing operators, through implementing responsible regulations.

You can read the report here.

Angeles Emeralds