When Is the Next Expungement Clinic?

Free legal clinics are offered at various dates and locations.  Please check above to find the next avaible expungment clinic.

Xpungd is a resource for those who may qualify to have their criminal records reduced or expunged.  With the passing of Prop 64, previous cannabis convictions can now be cleared from your record.  Xpungd aims to provide tools and resources needed to remove your criminal record, which can cause over 4,800 barriers, such as obtaining housing, employment, student loans, and other supportive services.  

With proceeds coming from our Child Resistant Exit Bag program, Angeles Emeralds will be able to grow Xpungd into a statewide resource, providing information, connecting and coordinating volunteer organizations, as well as helping to sponsor free expungement clinics state wide.  Our goal is to help create new opportunities to better the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Californian residents with criminal convictions.

Responsible Cannabis can help our communities by giving those who've been impacted by the war on cannabis a second chance.  

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Expugement Qualifications

Expungement Clinics typically focus on criminal records that can be either reduced or expunged based on California Prop 64 and Prop 47.  Some clinics may provide additional services not covered by these two propositions.  To help you better understand if you may qualify to have your criminal conviction reduced or expunged, we have posted the language as well as provided the full text of the propositions for download.  

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You can find a full listing of expungement clinics being offered.  Locate one near you and register today.

Free Legal Help

There are many sources of free legal support to help you reduce or expunge your criminal record.  Here you will find a listing of some of the providers that you can contact for further information.

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