Cannabis Expungements in LA County


On March 17, 2018 Angeles Emeralds along with many others, came out to support Drug Policy Alliance change the lives of hundreds of people by offering free legal support to expunge previous cannabis convictions as well as obtain many other community services.

With an estimated over 200,000 LA County residents with cannabis convictions the best way to provide timely support for all is through an Automated Expungement process by the county.

It will be months before the County has an automated process and the residents of LA County need help now.

We are proud to help our community break down barriers which ultimately will lead to new opportunities for improvement.

We will continue to support and provide these expungement clinics until the County has setup an automated process. 



 Why Has Los Angeles’ DA Balked at Expunging Old Pot Convictions?

Click on the above link to read more about the challenges and opportunities around automating cannabis expungements in LA County.

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