Cannabis Advisory Workgroup

In September of 2016, Angeles Emeralds was asked to write a motion on how we would want to see regulations created for LA County.  It was our recommendation that an Advisory Committee representing all districts of LA County be formed.  An advisory workgroup was formed in 2017 and Angeles Emeralds was invited to participate.

In close cooperation with the County Board of Supervisors and other County departments, the Office of Cannabis Management convened an Advisory Workgroup to help guide the development of cannabis regulations for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The group’s membership represented major stakeholders, including community members, business owners, advocacy groups, public health experts and cannabis industry participants, all of whom contributed their time on a volunteer basis. 

The Cannabis Advisory Committee met eight times during the summer of 2017.

Through a consensus-based decision-making process, members of the Cannabis Advisory Committee developed a series of recommendations on topics including youth access and exposure, public health and safety, rules for cannabis businesses, taxation and economic development, and equity.