Angeles Emeralds Succeeds in Delaying Eradication of Dispensaries by the County.

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Angles Emeralds along with CCIA and DPA, held multiple meetings with the LA County Board Supervisors last week, in efforts towards stopping the eradication of dispensaries in Unincorporated LA.  

Early this month the Board voted to begin the process of regulating cannabis, but also voted to spend up to $25M to enforce the ban and eradicate known collectives in the county, of which they claim to have a list of approximately 70.

We held emergency meetings with the BoS to educate them on the flaws of their thinking.  They claim that current dispensaries are the cause of crime in neighborhoods.  

We set out to show them that the problem isn't the dispensaries themselves but rather the lack of regulations that is threatening the public safety. 

We argued that the use of $25M would be better put towards educating the public on the facts of cannabis, helping communities that were targeted unfairly by drug wars in the past to expounge their records as provided by Prop64. 

They agreed to delay the sherrif's report, on how proceed with the eradication, by one week.  We are continuing discussions with the BoS, and will have more information to share in the days to come. 

We have heard the supervisors claim that they have a constituent base that has told them they do not want cannabis in their communities.  In turn we have educated the supervisors on the voting data and how all five districts voted overwhelmingly to pass Prop64.   

It is the duty of the Supervisors to enact the laws voted on by the public. 

We will continue our outreach to inform all of the potential risks of their current policy, and simultaneously work to educate the BoS on better policies that would promote transitioning from and illicit market to a regulated one.

Angeles Emeralds