LA County's Sheriff's Report To Close All Dispensaries, Delayed!


As we continue to have our discussions with the LA County Board of Supervisors we continue to educate them on what a bad policy it would be to spend the proposed $25M toward closing down dispensaries in the Unincorporated Areas of LA County.

The Sheriff's department is expected to deliver a report to the Board of Supervisors on what plans they recommend to close down the dispensaries.  As you can see the report has been delayed once again until March 8th.  Download Agenda Item 

It is important to note that while it mentions closing all unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries, there currently are no licensed dispensaries in the county.  All dispensaries in the Unincorporated Areas of the county have been banned, so this affects all.

We will continue to fight towards fair and proper regulations in the county and are encouraged by your continued support in the matter.

As always we will continue to inform you of the progress being made. 

In the mean time please feel free to reach out and tweet the Supervisors your thoughts on how spending $25M toward closing down dispensaries they plan to license in a few months time is a bad policy.


District 1: Hilda Solis District @hildasolis

District 2: Mark Ridley-Thomas @mridleythomas

District 3: Shiela Kuehl @sheilakuehl

District 4: Janice Hahn @JaniceHahn

District 5: Kathryn Barger @kathrynbarger

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