Measure M Wins! Next up, LA County!


Yesterday, the city of Los Angeles, the largest city in Los Angeles County, voted overwhelmingly Yes on Measure M.

Measure M will finally allow for actual licenses for Cannabis based businesses in the city of LA.  It opens up the possibility for many new entrepreneurs to legally enter the cannabis industry in the City of LA where previously only 135 Prop D Dispensaries were allowed.

This will provide for a path of transitioning the cannabis industry in the city to a regulated market that will ultimately be safer for not just the patients and citizens of LA but also for providers, cultivators, manufacturers, delivery services, and others who have had to operate in a grey market for over 20 years.

Above all we are thrilled to see this portion of the War on Drugs finally have an outcome that is sensible and allows us to focus on better ways to improve our community.  In the diverse population that makes up all of the County of LA, it's comforting to know with the passing of Measure M, communities of color and citizens in general will no longer be unjustly prosecuted for their use of cannabis.

We at Angeles Emeralds want to officially thank and congratulate the City Officials who listened to its' citizens and crafted Measure M, the Los Angeles Cannabis Taskforce for all their leadership in organizing the cannabis community to make their voices heard in the city, and to all the many other supporters.  Together you have done a tremendous job in setting an example not just the city of LA but to the entire world that above all else, we must have courage to over come the sins of our past.

We hope that the LA Board of Supervisors will hear this message loud and clear, and recognize the will of the people. The same people who voted 59.5% in favor of Prop 64!

The the Board we say, do not repeat the sins of our past.  They should be ashamed to consider spending $25M to close down the dispensaries.  Show courage and work with us to make the transition into the regulated market we have all voted to have.

We continue our efforts to stop this poor plan by the County and ask everyone to join us to speak out against it and the next Board of Supervisors meeting on March 14th.  More information to follow.

Angeles Emeralds