LA County Sheriff's Report to Close All Dispensaries, DELAYED, AGAIN!!!


With the recent overwhelming passing of Measure M in the city of Los Angeles, we continue to receive more notice on the proposed actions in the County of LA by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and their plans to spend up to $25M to close all dispensaries. 
With mentions in tonight's reports such as by NBC, Marijuana Advocates Celebrate New Era after Measure M's Passage. We have now received notice once again that the Board of Supervisors will be delaying the Sheriff's report until at least March 21st.

We continue to work with the Board to find a solution towards transitioning the industry to a regulated market, and are happy to see that they have decided to continue their disucssions with us in the pursuit of a fully regulated market.

Supervisor Solis, who has been instrumental in working with us and supporting our efforts, had uncharacteristically asked at the Feb 7th meeting, for the closure of at least 70 dispensaries, specifically targeting her community in East LA, Rowland Heights, Hacienda Heights, and others in District 1.  Which is primarily comprised by a Latino/Hispanic population.  It is well known and documented that the War on Drugs has targeted people of color more heavily than others.   Prop 64 sought to correct those sins of our past with programs allowing for those with cannabis related charges to have their records expunged, and with further community programs that come from the tax revenues Prop64 will create, to help communities that were disproportionately targeted by the War on Drugs. 

We don't understand the current actions by the Board of Supervisors in light their recent proposal toward regulations, but are encouraged by their seeming commitments to work with us towards a fully regualted cannabis market.

Once again we want to thank the continued support of our partners at California Cannabis Industry Association, Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Action Partnership and Los Angeles Cannabis Taskforce

Together we will overcome this and see the future of a regulated cannabis market we voted for.

Stay vigilant, we will continue to inform you of any new progress.

Angeles Emeralds