L.A. County Supervisors Pull Cannabis Tax Measure From November Ballot

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We are deeply disappointed to report that the LA County Board of Supervisors have decided to pull the cananbis tax measure from the November ballot.  

After previously deciding to pursue the tax measure it seems that homeless service and drug prevention providers have convinced the county that it should not be perceived as supporting cannabis legalization.

While we can understand the community concerns, we are disappointed at the lack of understand these groups seem to have on how responsible cannabis regulations can benefit our communities.

It seems that we will eagerly await the passing of Prop64 to continue the discussion on the topic. This setback allows us to address some of the flaws around this measure such as the tax rate, and what regulations will be accompanying this tax measure.

Angeles Emeralds is committed to reaching out to educate and learn from the community groups as we continue to explore the best way to stop the harms of the failed war against cannabis, as well as help to transition existing operators into a fully legal and regulated market.

You can read more about the issue in the LA Times article: L.A. County supervisors pull marijuana tax measure from November ballot

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