We Care About Our Communities


On Saturday, members of Angeles Emeralds organized a street clean up in East LA.

Many of us have supported our communities behind the scenes for years now. Dropping off water bottles on Skid Row during heat waves. Donating toys during the holidays. Collecting canned food for donation to food shelters, and more. But we've never been able to do it as Cannabis Supporters.

Breaking through the years of stigma, Angeles Emeralds is committed to showing our support and participation as responsible members of our communities.

On Saturday we took a first step by introducing Angeles Emeralds to East LA by picking up over 25 full bags of trash along Whittier Blvd. Along the way we made new friends of the local businesses and listened and addressed any concerns the community had. We are committed to making our community better and safer for all. Nothing speaks louder than actions.

We hope to continue the discussion in all parts of LA County showing our communities that Angeles Emeralds members care. We strongly support efforts to make our communities better by setting the example of what a responsible cannabis industry looks like.


Thank you East LA for all your support. We look forward to being strong members of the community.

Angeles Emeralds