Update on LA County Cannabis Regulations Community Listening Sessions Week 2


Topanga Canyon

Primary Concerns:

1) Cultivation: Allowing Outdoor Cultivation in Agricultural Zones

2) Safe Access for Patients: Finding ways for responsible operators to provide safe access to patients until licensing becomes available

This week there will be four more community listening sessions on Cannabis Regulations in LA County. (Listed Above).

After last weeks meetings we are noticing a trend of concerns and interests in the community.

1) Safe Access for Patients: While the county works through regulating the cannabis industry it needs to find a way to allow patients safe access until that time.  Identify responsible operators and provide a pathway towards licensure for them.

2) Cultivation: The County should allow commercial cannabis industry on agricultural land. Such as outdoor and green house cultivation.

3) Taxes: Should start low to encourage a transition to the regulated market.

Join us at this weeks meetings and let the county know if you agree with the above points and make your voice heard on any other concerns or support you might have.

Here are some updates from last weeks Sessions.



 La Puente

Primary Concerns

1) Safe Access for Patients: The residents were concerned that if responsible operators continued to be closed down then patients would have no safe access to their medicine.

2) Taxes: Medical Cannabis should be tax free.  Recreational Cannabis should be taxed low.


Quartz Hill/Antelope Valley

Primary Concerns

1) Outdoor Cultivation: The residents were upset to discover the county recommended not allowing for outdoor cultivation or any type of cannabis industry in agricultural zones.  The overwhelming majority of Antelope Valley is Agricultural zoned.  This could provide a huge economic development benefits to the largest district in the county.

2) Taxes:  Residents suggested using taxes to retrain officers on enforcing against Cannabis.  They want taxes to be low so that the community can enter into a regulated market.

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