Victory on 4/20!

On Tuesday 4/18 the LA County Board of Supervisors heard the much anticipated report by the Sheriff's, County Counsel, and District Attorney on a plan to close down all operators in the county.  

The plan called for a "Surge Strategy" to shutdown all operators and to complete litigation of all within a 4-6 month period.  A strategy that would do nothing to transition operators to a regulated market and only promote a dangerous and illicit market!

In response to all the Cannabis supporters who came to voice their concerns of the Board pushing enforcement before Regulations, the board decided NOT TO VOTE on the matter and merely accepted the report with no mention of plans of mass raids with their "Surge Strategy".

You did it!  Your votes were heard.  You affected real change for the better, and made your community safer.

Overcoming the stereotype the all Cannabis Operators are bad involves having the courage to stand up and prove otherwise.  It's promising to the see the LA County Board of Supervisors recognizing there are good operators.  We applaud Supervisor Barger at aknowledging our efforts to work with them towards transistioning to a regulated market.  

We will have a full report later, but for now we want to say thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday's meeting to show them a regulated market is what we want and need, before enforcement.  You were heard!  You made a difference! 

The fight isn't over yet but the Board knows there are good operators and we will continue to show them the true nature of a good and regulated Cannabis Industry.

One More Thing!
We are proud to tell you that after asking the Board to discontinue the use of the word "Marijuana" we were informed yesterday, that the County will be changing the name of Office of Marijuana management to the Office of Cannabis Management.  

A small but very meaningful change.

So much more to follow.  

Thank you all for your continued support.  Celebrate and enjoy today!

Happy 4/20!



Angeles Emeralds