LA County to Close All Dispensaries. Fight Back! Join Us April 18th!


Let Your Votes Be Heard!

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On April 18th, the LA Board of Supervisors will be meeting to hear the requested report from the Sheriff, District Attorney, and County Counsel on a plan to spend $25M+ to close all dispensaries.

Prop 64 passed with a higher percentage of the vote in LA County than in the whole state of California.  Why are they ignoring our votes!  The Board of Supervisors needs to regulate not incriminate.

Calling all stakeholders, patients, businesses, community leaders, all supporters of legalizing and regulating cannabis in LA County.  Join Angeles Emeralds along with Drug Policy Alliance, California Cannabis Industry Association, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, to speak against the Board of Supervisors plans to spend up to $25M to close down all dispensaries months before they role out regulations for the industry.

Angeles Emeralds