Stop LA County from Closing All Dispensaries.

On March 8th, the LA Board of Supervisors will be meeting to hear the requested report from the Sheriff, District Attorney, and County Counsel on a plan to close all dispensaries.

Prop 64 passed with a higher percentage of the vote in LA County than in the whole state of California.  Why are they ignoring our votes!  The Board of Supervisors needs to regulate not incriminate.

Calling all stake holders, patients, businesses, community leaders, all supporters of legalizing and regulating cannabis in LA County.  Join Angeles Emeralds along with Drug Policy AllianceCalifornia Cannabis Industry AssociationLaw Enforcement Action PartnershipLos Angeles Cannabis Task Force, to speak against the Board of Supervisors plans to spend up to $25M to close down all dispensaries months before they role out regulations for the industry.

In preparation of the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting, we have provided in this email the following information you may need:

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Time and Location
Parking Instructions
Points of Contact
Talking Points
What to Expect
Code of Conduct


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Time and Location

Reminder Bring Your ID With You
(More Info Below)

March 8th, 2017

Downtown LA
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street, room 383 Los Angeles, CA 90012


Antelope Valley
Lancaster Public Library
601 W. Lancaster Blvd. Lancaster, CA 93534


At both the Downtown LA and Lancaster locations the group will be meeting at 9am.

The meeting starts at 9:30am It would be best to show up at 9am to receive further instructions that morning.

Talking Points

Everyone is encouraged to have prepared remarks when its' their time to speak.  Effective speaking points would be tailored to speak against their plans to close the dispensaries and how it affects you.  

We would suggest that you share your own testimonial based on these points:

1) Voting Data

  • Prop 64 passed with 57.4% in California
  • Prop 64 Passed with 59.5% in LA County

2) Suggest better uses for the $25M

(note the $25M came form a recent case against WellsFargo, windfall that could be used for better purposes)

  • Public education on a regulated cannabis industry 
  • community support in expunging past cannabis offenses as per Prop64
  • Help transition the illicit market to a regulated one
  • Help the homeless that the Board has been searching for money for years

3) Dangers of closing Safe Access for people's medicine

What to Expect
The video here is an example of what to expect speaking in front of the Board.
Here's Angeles Emeralds member Tracy Ryan CEO of CannaKids.

Your identity can remain as private as you choose.

You will need an ID to enter the building, it is not checked through any computer system, they only perform a quick visual check at the time of entry.  
You will not be allowed to bring any food or drink into the building so please be sure to have breakfast ahead of time.

Once inside there will be a electronic kiosk that you will need to sign into.  You only need to enter a name, there is no confirmation done of your name nor do you have to list your address.  Simply enter a name and the topic you will be speaking on (The Sheriff's Report to Close All Dispensaries).  And that you will be speaking against it. 

You will have a maximum of 3 mins to speak.  (Trust us, it isn't as much time as it sounds).

Code of Conduct
It is important to conduct ourselves in a manner that is respectful, both in terms of attitude and attire.  We want to show the Board of Supervisors that we are not the stereotype of Pot Heads and Stoners, but rather that we are good people in need of medicine who are being negatively affected by their policies.

Please refrain from any actions or attire that could suggest otherwise.

Angeles Emeralds