Celebrating Our First Victory!


With the recent state level implementation of MCRSA, a state wan ban craze has begun due to flawed language.  MCRSA states that a local municipality must choose to either regulate medical cannabis, do nothing and accept the states, rules, or ban it by March of this year.  

With many local municipalities not prepared to tackle the issue of regulating a medical cannabis market, most are choose to put a ban in place rather than allow the state to dictate the policies.  

LA County was considering extending its ban on medical retail shops in the unincorporated areas to now include all commercial cannabis actives, from cultivation to manufacturing, delivery and more.  

On May 24th, a small group of us came together to advocate against this policy to the Board of Supervisors, and rather than issuing a 2 year ban, the board decided to revisit the issue in 30 days.  

It's small first step towards advocating for responsible cannabis policy in LA County, but a big victory in starting the discussion.   

We look forward to continuing the dialog with the county and working together with the Board of Supervisors.

Angeles Emeralds