Child Resistant Exit Bags

Responsible Cannabis Can Help Our Communities

Legalizing Cannabis came with certain responsibilities.  

  • The responsibility to protect our children from illicit access.

  • The responsibility to help correct the harms against those that were impacted by the war against cannabis.

By subscribing today for our free child resistant bag program you can do both.  Become a responsible Cannabis Operator and help us make a safer, better community for us all.

State Required

In California you have to be 21 years old to purchase adult use cannabis and at least 18 years old to purchase medicinal cannabis (with a Dr.'s recommendation).  

State law requires that all cannabis purchases be placed inside an opaque exit bag.

By giving parents the right tools to be responsible, we can help keep our children safe.


No Up Front Costs

Compared to standard retail bags, the cost of Child Resistant Exit Bags can make it difficult for cannabis retailers to implement. 

In our commitment to protect children and promote health and social equity, Angeles Emeralds will be providing child resistant bags to all cannabis retailers statewide, for Free.

When you subscribe, each month you will recieve your bags with no upfront cost, and at the end of month a protion of the proceeds will go towards our community outreach programs beginning with free expungement clinics.

To learn more, Subscribe Today! 

A Safer, Better Community

By helping us protect our children, you can also help your community.  

Legalizing annabis also allowed for those with previous cannabis based convictions to have them either reduced or expunged.  Having a criminal record can prevent someone in over 4,800 ways such as obtaining housing, employment, student loans, and other supportive services.

Proceeds from these bags will allow Angeles Emeralds to sponsor free expungement clinics statewide, helping create new opportunities to better lives for hundreds of thousands of California residents affected by the War on Cannabis.

Learn more about our community outreach program: Xpungd

Child Resistant Bag Specs & Details